Monday, January 31, 2011

What did you buy?

We all know there have been a lot of auctions floating around Blogland of late.  All for a good cause and hard to resist.  In addition to the auction I held on my blog, I helped the QLD flood appeal by bidding on, and winning these beauties:

A tram roll inspired print from Mokoh.  I will have to get this framed and find a good spot for it.

This beautiful crochet shrug from Donna.  It really is beautiful!  Donna also tossed an extra couple of goodies into the package too, all great stuff and very exciting given my love of all things yarn!  The wooden dodad on the left is a Nostepinne centre pull ball winder!

And lastly, these two Japanese craft books and super cute Elephant softie from Rachel.

Did you win anything great?


  1. LOL @ Moree?? how the heck did that make it to QLD????

    when did it pack up and move from central NSW to QLD? is it on Gap year?? is it planing to study a Bach. of Arts before it returns??

  2. Oh you won the cardigan - well done!
    I was extra lucky and won two raffles! Jodie's very cute softies are my new sewing room friends and I also won a fabulous crocheted sandwich from Kylie - lucky me!


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