Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Look 6504

I am sure New Look 6504 did not mean for the terms interfacing, pin and iron to be optional...

But this VERY quick dress for Possum is a great dress for playing about the yard.  I used buttons and remnant fabric from the stash too.

For some reason not only did I fail to add interfacing, pin, or iron, I also got up to instruction 2 and decided to just do my own thing.  I should be happy it worked at all given the amount of things I did wrong.

I will make more of these simple dresses, and next time I will slow down and do it properly to see if it makes a difference to the end result.


  1. Very cute! I tend to vary the instructions too... **blush** Its probably why every time I go to sew something for myself I fail :p

  2. Looks fantastic... and instructions are meant not to be followed :)


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