Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swim and Survive

We have had a busy 9 days here with Swim and Survive lessons at the local pool.

Both Possum and Blue ended up in the same class which was great.  Lucky for us the Mr was able to come in each day and hop in the pool to help. 

Both kids had a great time and watching them both progress over the 9 days was wonderful for us.  Possum learnt to paddle and kick at the same time and Blue loved jumping in off the edge after tossing in a floating toy.  He was also happy to go under the water but could not blow bubbles as every time the water touched his chin he would open his mouth!

Possum held out for a bribe of 2 red frogs each day so it was 20cents a day more expensive than I thought, but still a bargain really :)  

The instructor is going to start running weekly lessons so that should be good too.


  1. Possum and Blue are too cute!
    Love Aunty Stephi

  2. :) glad to hear that they had a good time - I really need to get my two bck into the pool.

  3. I've just booked Emme into her first swimming lessons when we get back...but I have to go in the pool with her until she is 2.5. Ugh. But I think she will love it!

    Your two are growing so quickly!! And having a lot of fun by the look of it!

  4. I love that red frogs are her bribe. I would prefer green myself but I think it might take a whole lot more to get me back in a pool full of swimming lessons. Gorgeous pic.

  5. Happy times by the pool, we just got back, ahhhh, what a great way to wear children out in long Summer holidays!!
    I find swimming lessons fascinating as i never had them (until late primary/ early high school for stroke skills) & my 4 didn't either, until late primary school. They could all swim solo by the age of 2, they just got in & swam?? Makes for pool side relaxation with a magazine my little break - i watch them but i can also do laps & let them swim their little hearts out, win win. Plus we have a lifeguard at the pool we use (a free military one). Now they are aged 7 to 12, they swim past me, love Posie

  6. your littlies are too cute! I like the idea of a week long classes, but the time didnt suit as I had to work :( so its weekly lessons for Miss K!

  7. looks like great fun, we did weekly lessons with Beth between 12months and 2 years but it wasn't intensive enough for her to make much progress, she loves swimming though and luckily we go plenty other than lessons anyway.

    I'm planning on putting her in an intensive class as soon as I can after she turns 3 and can go in the pool without me. I think she'll make much more progress that way.


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