Saturday, January 19, 2013


I did say in my last post I would make another Clamshell Pillow. I didn't waste any time on this, I jumped right in and made half of it last night while watching the tennis and then quickly finished it off this morning.

This is the same weight linen in a different colour, I didn't have enough of any one colour to make them the same but I decided this would not matter.  I clamshells are the same fabric range in both pillows.

Both this zip and the last one were in the stash too.  I probably should have held off making this until I bought a better colour match but I get impatient to finish when I get close to the end so I decided that this would be ok...

They do look good together, not too matchy-matchy but a good pair.

I think this will conclude my run of sewing for a week.  I have an assignment due, two exams and a quiz for uni and I need to start thinking about those.  Nothing like sewing as a form of procrastination but at some point the work must get done.


  1. Becky you have been on fire ... love your curvy work! Thanks for sharing ... Cheers

  2. Awesome job, they are just too too pretty!

  3. These are both so lovely. They look terrific together.

  4. Lovely cushions and they do look so good together :)

  5. They match really well! Now I better go and work on mine...

  6. Fabulous! I am still waiting on my fabric to arrive to start on Handstitched. Maybe she will run Curves again! They look great, well done x


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