Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cute Capelet

I saw a cute capelet last year and thought it would be handy to wear over my summer dresses last October while I was at work for a month. I finished sewing it today so obviously I did not wear it at work, I had to make do with my button cardigans instead.  Oh well!

This is a Retro Butterick pattern B5032.  It was really quick and easy to sew which helps as I am not the most patient person when it comes to sewing clothes.

This is for me, and it does fit but I thought it would be easier to ask for a stand in model to let me take the photos.  I chose to top stitch right around the edges which was not in the pattern but does help it sit more neatly.  I lined it in some Denyse Schmidt fabric which I already had in my stash, but did not think to take a photo of that part. 

I think I will get to wear this a bit this year as I have six months casual work starting this term.  We are enjoying the last of our holidays before Possum and I start school; her fist year in Kindergarten and myself for work, both together!


  1. Yay - good luck with the job.
    I start my first 15 week contract next week. Do you have the butterflies yet?

    1. Bec, not really nervous as yet as I am familiar with the school and staff which helps a lot. Nerve will kick in soon enough I think!

      Thanks AJ :)

  2. It's gorgeous! Such a big year coming up for you!


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