Friday, January 18, 2013

iPad Cover

Yesterday I was reading blogs (as usual) and I saw that Jen had made an iPad cover.  I could not see the photos in Jen's post so I jumped over to the tutorial link and then decided to make myself one.  

Inspiration found! Thanks Jen.

I used some Alexander Henry 'Its a Hoot' fabric I had stashed.  This is one of my favourite fabrics so I am glad I got to use it for something that I get to use.

You may notice the use of both velcro and elastic.  I went with the velcro option but I was not happy with it when I was done.  I unpicked a few stitches, slipped in the elastic and topstitched after the fact which is not as neat but I am much happier with it as a fastener.  Sewing on the button after it was assembled was not that fun either.

Dotty fabric from my stash for the lining. 

Snug as a bug.  Even with the apple case on the iPad is a good fit using the dimensions given in the tutorial.  I like the fact that the earphone jack is accessible even when the iPad is secure in the case. 

I quilted more densely than was really needed but I like it.  This case has a good weight about it and I feel a lot more happy having my iPad bounce around in my handbag now that is has some extra protection.  I think if I didn't have a walking foot on my machine I would have had too much trouble sewing the layers together but that is my only caution for this project, I recommend it.


  1. Love it Becky! I have some of that fabric hiding in my stash too.

  2. I haver been meaning to make one of these since I got my iPad a year ago! Love yours!


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