Monday, June 18, 2012

Sew it Together - Saturday and Sunday

 Saturday morning saw Cath, Anna, Kylie and I head out in search of breakfast which we eventually found at  in civic at a place called Cream.  I ate waffles and it was a great way to start the weekend.  We enjoyed it so much we all went back on Sunday morning for breakfast too.

We then ventured forth to the Handmade Market where we all bought something, or a few somethings in my case!  Then at 1pm we all met at the Crowne Plaza for lunch and a fun afternoon and evening of chatter, craft and shopping.  So much shopping!!  I would like to claim I was good, and I was in that I didn't buy anything I didn't think I really, REALLY needed, including two Polly Pratt dresses as well as a jacket and then some fabric too.

The 2am fire alarm at the YHA that saw most of us out in the street in our PJ's gave us all something to laugh about.  I would have preferred more sleep, but this did add to the fun.  It was a false alarm so all was well.

Sunday saw us stencilling under the watchful eye of Sheridan who picked up a trick or two from Lotta Jansdotter (I am more than a tad jealous!).  I made one bag using stencils owned by Sheridan, and then had a go at making a stencil myself and printing it on some fabric.  It was good fun.

Kylie gave us a quick tour of Canberra before doing the airport drop off which was great.

Kylie and I then went on to visit a good friend for the evening.  Kylie gave me a Thermomix demo and I am more than a little smitten!

Such a great weekend all round!


  1. Looks like so much fun & not just the shopping part.

  2. It was a great weekend wasn't it?! The shopping part is always a highlight for me too!

  3. Gorgeous to see you Becky, it was a jammed packed weekend, love Posie

  4. i think those waffles were well deserved! was lovely to meet you & so glad you liked the 'badges' :) cheers


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