Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday night ~ Wonky Little Stitches.

It is dark and cold and I am sick; but, I am looking on the bright side.  
It is Friday and I am stitching away on my Handstitched project:

I am loving every wonky stitch!!

I am not being too concerned about my stitch length, I am just enjoying the process.  I decided to do just the corners in the satin jewel pattern as per the class but not to put them in the middle of each row as well.  I like the effect of the triangles as they frame the dogwood blossom feature.  I will show off a full photo when I finally finish this round, it won't be in a hurry at this rate.


  1. Looking good so far, I'm so bummed I didn't sign up for this, it's shaping up to be a great course!

  2. Woo, hoo, looks fab Becky, I am doing deliberately uneven stitches too, that way I don't have to get too hung up on them being perfect :) I'm enjoying the slow steady pace of this weeks project. I LOVE your colours :)

  3. LOVE this kind of stitching. I know you are super neat, so not feeling well - when i'm tired & unwell my eyes begin to blur & i find hand stitching something i really want to do but i do it - wonky!! Hope you feel better soon honey, love Posie

  4. Lovely stitching....hope you are feeling better soon. x

  5. I like the wonky stitches.
    Boo to stilll being sick.

  6. Looking good Becky! Hand quilting is on my 'to do' list!


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