Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sew it Together - Friday Fun

I can't tell you how much I think of this weekend and so many of the woman involved.  It is a special thing and I am so grateful to be a part of it now.  Special thanks to Sheridan and everyone who sponsors this and those that travel to be there, it is wonderful because of you all.

Day 1 of Sew it Together was the Friday Shopping Trip.  We started at Addicted to Fabric which is a fantastic fabric shop in Canberra.  I found everything on my list that I needed and then a few things not on my list, but only because I didn't know I needed them until I saw them.

Such a great range, and plenty of space too.  I wish this was my local shop, but I can take heart from the fact I do drive through Canberra once or twice a year and am already planning future trips.

The next stop was at Bison.  So much beauty in this shop, not craft related but beautiful regardless and well worth a visit.  I bought three milk jugs and they look wonderful sitting on my shelf at home.

Last stop was Shop Handmade where we ate macarons and drank some sparkling wine.  I may have had too much of the bubbly stuff but have decided the least said about that the better ;)  

And then Kylie arrived!  Half of the fun of Sew it Together is in catching up with friends.  I drank her share of the sparkling wine as she was running late, that could be where I went wrong...

I will post about the rest of the weekend over the next day or so, it is a lot to cover in one post.


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  2. LOL I've done it in usual Gillian style. I'd just read Megan's blog and now I've commented on your blog as if it were hers!!! Post deleted very quickly....

    Becky, it was way too much fun hanging out with you this last weekend. I really enjoyed your company and love your sense of humour. And yes, I do love that photo of Kylie!

  3. Such good fun and without the bubbly we would never have had the joy of checking in to the YHA using your 'other' license!!

  4. becky had so much fun meeting you & glad you made the trip safely both ways! mammoth effort :) looking forward to reading more, cheers

  5. I think that this is the only photographic proof I have of being at SIT this year - would you believe that I carried around my camera all weekend and did not take one photo (the horror)
    (oh there is one other photo - but I'm standing beside a lovely lady who still has her lipstick on from the night before)
    So lovely to catch up with you again Becky. I love our get togethers.


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