Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trimester 1

Trimester 1, 2012.  Can anyone tell me why I thought it would be a good idea to study four units this trimester?  Especially given UNE has now moved into trimesters which shortens up the teaching period?

I have four assignments due in the next 2 weeks and 2 quizzes to do before trimesters' end.  Instead of spending time over the past week working on them I watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy I have taped this season in one go and then downloaded and watched the entire series The Slap.  While watching all this TV (DH is away) the house has gotten a tad messy (understatement) so further procrastination activities may include house cleaning before I can settle in to study.  

The Slap is brilliant by the way.  If you didn't watch it you really should buy it on DVD or download it through iTunes. 


  1. Trimester? Wow - I thought for a moment that you were keeping a secret! Haha. I used to get really into cleaning when I was studying for exams/procrastinationg. I would be dusting the tops of powerpoints and polishing doorknobs.

  2. Ahhh... yes. Procrastination. I know it well.

  3. My mind is so far away from babies that I didn't even think of pregnancy in relation to trimesters! Sorry, no baby news here :)


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