Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day - The Good and the Bad

Flowers from Possum's pre-school garden = good

Cute card made by Possum at pre-school = good
When you open it up it has fun facts such as my favourite colour is blue and I like to knit jumpers, both are true.  There is also a little photo of Possum.

The book The Mr bought me.... not so good*...
Thankfully there was also chocolate!

It also makes me VERY glad that I bought myself this:

Hurruh!!  I will be taking part in the Handstitched class learning something new and having some fun.  I am picturing cosy winter nights in front of the fire as I work on new techniques and create something special.

What fabric range should I buy?  I was thinking Echo by Lotta Jansdotter....

*I am a big Chuck Norris fan, and some of the one liners in this book are pretty hilarious, but really, for Mother's Day?  I guess the airport newsagency didn't leave him many options?


  1. Tell me you're going to share some Chuckisms....please?!?!?!
    I love Echo, so I'd say Yep, go with that!

  2. Echo would be nice to have, even if you didn't end up using it for this... I bought the same as you for the course, I have a fat quarter set of blues/turquoises from Spotlight that I'm going to use for the solids... will probably try and pick it all from stash. Or maybe entirely solids??? I also have $100 worth of fabrics on the way from FQS, although mainly background fabrics so not many different ones, can't quite remember what I ordered so maybe there will be something in there as well. At least the gifts you buy yourself you know you will love...

  3. You're Handstitching too???? Hooorrrraaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

    Um, Chuck Norris?

  4. Yes - have a Chuck Chewsday (Tuesday??!!) every week!

  5. Can I borrow that book? Please.
    Awesome uncle Brad.


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