Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mad Rush

It would seem that even though I have been telling myself all month that it is ok to not have a finished WIP for AJ's 12 in 12 challenge because I have been busy at home, with uni, and other commitments, I have been telling myself a fib.  Today, just before lunch I decided I HAD to finish something.  I have managed a finish every month so far this year and did not want May to be the first one to miss.

I cast an eye over my WIP pile, and the only thing I had even a glimmer of hope of finishing today was the Ravelry quilt.  

I started...

...Thankfully I also finished.  Remind me to start the next quilt sooner.  
Mad rush quilting is a little stressful!

Thanks to the Ravelry girls who helped sew the blocks of this quilt:
Ellie, Tara, Emma, Emily, Eryn and Mabs.

I didn't have time for more or better photos, the light beat me.  I hope there is something good on the telly tonight because as of the time of these photos being hastily snapped I still have about 1.2 metres of binding to sew down by hand, but it is as good as finished and will be done before I go to sleep.


  1. Wow! That turned out beautifully - I must get mine put together soon :)

  2. Lovely Becky! Don't forget to add it to the Linky!

  3. It looks great all put together.


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