Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swoon #5 & #6

Well, I was excited to get two swoon blocks done over the Easter break, and then I did two more.  Great effort and now I am really excited to be two thirds of the way through this quilt, if you don't include the sashing, backing, quilting and binding anyway...!

I am loving the way this Denyse Schmidt range is looking as I sew each new block.  It is just so exciting, which is lucky, because gosh I own a lot of Denyse Schmidt fabric.  So much in fact that I have just bundled up a heap of DS in pinks to start a Made in Cherry quilt after this one.

Only three blocks to go and they are all cut out ready to sew, but don't look for them in a hurry because I just packed it all away.  Uni assignments are starting to cause the first niggle in my subconscious so I may have to wait until the end of the trimester to fit in any big sewing for awhile, and I still have softies to finish off. 


  1. Oh they're beautiful! I still haven't gotten around to making this block and I'm not too sure I ever will. Enjoying seeing everyone else's though!

  2. Oh they look amazing Becky - though I think the top right is my favourite - I really love that colour combo.

  3. They look gorgeous altogether - my favourite's the top right too.


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