Thursday, April 26, 2012

My ANZAC Day Quilt Top

As per yesterday's post explaining the ANZAC day quilting challenge I started with this pile of fabric at 6:45am.

At 8pm I called 'down tools' because I had my quilt top completely pieced!

This quilt top is 2 metres square, so it was a pretty big effort in a day, especially with all that cutting out.

Each little square is 4.5 inches.  There are 180 of them.  There are also 40 triangles to make up the points.  Did I mention the cutting?!

As far as a challenge went, I think I did well.  It would have been nice to have a sandwiched quilt, but I had trouble cutting out the background fabric and that took a lot of my time to sort out.  The instructions asked for a 43" square cut across the diagonal to form the four triangle sections of the background between the points.  My fabric was not wide enough.  I later found this was a common complaint for this pattern.

I got around it by deciding to piece this section from two triangles rather than making it from one large one.

I ignored the 43" square and instead cut out a 21.75" square and then cut that in half.  This let me get the right amount of fabric from the same yardage with just one extra join.  I did that four times, one for each side. The pattern also asks for four 20.5 inch squares.  I managed to get these from the off cut of each of the above so it was very efficient on fabric.

The above photo shows the extra join, I think it works well with the quilt and was the easiest solution I could think of.

So there you have it, one Made in Cherry quilt top!

And in case you think it is a good idea to try to make a quilt in a day, it isn't.  Or maybe only if you pick a small quilt...  My shoulders STILL hurt!


  1. WOW! You did an awesome job in that time frame! The quilt is stunning in your colour combo!
    Thinking I'll add this pattern to my one day list - perhaps a scrap buster using my 1" squares I'm collecting LOL!!!

  2. Love it Becky! You're a winner ;) :)

  3. Gorgeous Becky! yep, I know the pain, mines about the same size- but I LOVE your colour combo, it may tempt me to try another one! SO where were your children, hope you fed them at some point haha.
    Mine was quick to piece, then took ages to finish, hope you don't have that problem haha

  4. it looks great!
    i'm still dithering over my choice of b'gd fabric

  5. That's amazing. Well done! Cherrie

  6. Are you serious - you did all that in one day!!!
    You are a super-woman Becky - I am in awe.
    No wonder your shoulders still hurt - but it's gorgeous - well worth it I say (but then it isn't my shoulders that hurt!!).

  7. This quilt is beautiful, i hope you remember it as your ANZAC day quilt forever, love Posie
    PS have made many quilts in a day, yes, back breaking & a lot of concentration, the word shhhh, comes out a lot too. Along with ouch as you impale yourself on a pin!!

  8. You got it all done! That is impressive! :D

  9. It looks great - I love the colours


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