Monday, July 18, 2011

The Cat

9 days ago I went to town to run a couple of quick jobs and I came home with a cat.  Thankfully this is not the norm on a quick trip to town!  He was looking for a home and had been desexed.  I had mice, and no cat, so it seemed like a good idea.

He spent the first night inside and he actually liked the children's rough housing.  Blue would pick him up to carry him upside down but there was purring, and no scratching so I didn't step in.

The next day I put him in the workshop.  I am not an indoors cat kind of person.  We didn't see the cat for 7 days.  I was worried but he was sleeping in there and eating the cat food.

Yesterday he came out from under the house for a quick pat.  Yesterday evening he came up to the door so we let him in for some milk and more children cuddles before letting him back out.  This is more what I fancied cat ownership to be like!

I hope he is eating lots of mice!


  1. Good way to deal with the mice problem and he is such a handsome cat.

  2. :) He is a good looking cat - watch him with the bird though - I am a cat inside kind of girl for that reason.


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