Wednesday, July 20, 2011

28 Hours

We were only away for 28 hours, but we did an awful lot in that time.  If you ask Possum she will tell we you went on 2 planes, 4 taxis, 1 train and 1 bus and stayed in 1 motel.

We also ate fish and chips at Circular Quay, went to the Queen Victoria Building to the ABC Shop and also called in to Kinokuniya which is my favourite book shop.  I didn't buy too much because I was trying to be good (ha ha!).

And then there was SBS Insight.  It was a lot of fun and I am grateful for the experience.  Jenny was lovely, as was all of the crew.  At this point we are not sure when it will air, but I have been told a copy of the dvd will be sent to me.

Blue did not like the plane on the trip out.  There were tears and we played Fruit Ninja as a distraction which was semi successful.  On the way home I gave him a lollipop which turned him into a happy flyer.  I am not usually one to resort to junk food, but it has it's place!

I was very glad to get home.


  1. Wow - what was the topic? make sure you post when it is on so I can 'celebrity hunt' you in the audience!
    (Though I don't think I have any idea what you look like anyway...)

    My son is the same - we went to Melbourne for four days and the highlight was a taxi ride, closly followed by watching the tram driver working the levers.Who needs to go overseas when public transport does the trick!

  2. I really like Jennie Brockie, please let us know when you're on, yahoo!! Love Posie


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