Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative Space

While I was away Blue discovered that walking may be out of his league (for now) but climbing was not....

He has been found on (and fallen off) the lounge, the coffee table, and highest of all, the large outdoor table in the front yard.


I have the last two lots of fabric sitting here for Around the Block round 1 which is my goal for the next few days.  Amy has just posted out her fabric for ATB round 2 so I need to catch up!  

For more Creative Spaces visit Kirsty :) 

Did anyone notice that my post is about nothing actually creative?  No?  Good!  Maybe next week when I can (I hope) say I finished the blocks, made the kids hats, knitted something or even cooked something....


  1. Aww what a cutie, mine littlest just starting crawling. It's always a tad bit stressful learning to adjust life to keep their new adventures safe.

  2. Awww that is so beautiful! Love how he has climbed up on to that table. Olly climbed up onto his sister's bed today, took him 10mins and then when he finally got up, i took him off to get him dressed... LOL disappointment much?

  3. What gorgeous photos. Both my children have been epic climbers. Your little man has such a sweet grin... he's a thinker!!!

  4. I had a climber pre's a challenge. Cute pics.

  5. he is so cute. i had a climber. found him on top of the fridge one day! he is 27 now so he survived, i think it's better for them to be good climbers if they are owing to do it

  6. :) look how happy he looks:)

    Mine both climbed before they walked:)

  7. I was absorbed with the cheeky grin , so I didn't notice that the post was "other " Just lovely


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