Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

It feels like there are no more babies in the house because Little Blue has turned ONE! 

At 1, you are such a cheeky boy, you already look at me with a raised eyebrow if I ask you not to do something. 

You are very happy nearly always and if you are sad it is usually just a case of working out if you want food or sleep.

You love being outside.  You love to sit in the potted mint and the water bowl is always fun.  You crawl through all the garden beds, especially the newly turned ones just to create an extra washing challenge.

You have 8 teeth.  You love to clap and wave and you say Mum, Dad, Ta and Yes.

Happy Birthday :)


  1. hes such a cutie, and those blue eyes will make him get away with sooooo much! good work on making it through the first year :D Happy Birthday Lil Blue

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet boy. I'm with Amy, those eyes!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday little man!
    Love the owl cake Becky!

    Nic xxx

  4. Happy Birthday to your little man and well done to you all for surviving the first year!

    I love those chubby cheeks and cheeky grin.

    And the owl cake - toowit toowoo!!

  5. Happy Birthday Little Blue! What a fab cake you had, and what a gorgeous little man!

  6. Happy Birthday little man! He is so cute!

  7. No - really!?? Happy birthday sweet and happy boy, hope you all had a great day Becky. Love the cake!

  8. Happy happy birthday! Fabulous cake! Hope you are all settled in your new home : )

  9. NOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!

    How on earth could it be one year already. It feels like only yesterday that I got the text message to say that he had arrived.

    Happy Birthday little man.

  10. Happy Birthday little man! Hope you have a wonderful day :) & love that cake Becky!!!

  11. Happy birthday, littlie! Or not so littlie : ) The eyes remain distinctly Bec!

    Love that cake : )

  12. happy happy birthday!
    he is so sweet!
    my son just had his first birthday 2 days ago
    happy birthday to yours


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