Thursday, July 29, 2010

Settling in to Rural Life

The bricks in the garden path to the front door, I love them!

There is so much beauty here that it is easy to overlook the small things that need fixing. I can overlook the fact that the kitchen needs twice as many cupboards because every morning I wake up and drink coffee while looking down toward the creek. Apart from our sheep I have seen birdlife plenty and even a Wallaroo one morning.

There is much to be done but when you can work at your own pace and on a project of your own choosing it seems less like work and more like recreation.

The view from our dining room looking down to the creek

We have drafted the 25 sheep and given that there are no yards this was a major feat in itself. There are 15 good size ewes that are due to drop lambs any time now so that will be exciting.

I have not been crafty unless sewing curtains counts? I suspect it doesn’t count because it feels like a chore! I have unpacked most sewing and knitting things into one of the spare rooms which I call mine. I have my white fuzzy felt up on the wall in there which lets me lay out quilt blocks and play with the design while I sit back and look at it all. It is like a giant artwork just for me and I am glad I have a spot for it now.

I am tired of not having the internet organised. I am still using the library computers which is good in the short term, but the short term is stretching into the long term. I love the broadband guarantee, but wish it could be a little faster to organise and set up. Surely it won’t be long now and then I will be able to blog regularly and keep up to date with other blogs too…

Our creek this morning, full of clear water and running well after rain yesterday.


  1. It looks magnificent. I can almost smell the clean, fresh air through your pictures!

  2. Love love love those bricks!
    It sounds like you've found your place.

  3. Gorgeous Becky - don't worry you'll be back soon.
    Those bricks are beautiful - I bet there's a story behind them too.

  4. It's beautiful Becky, you're very blessed! Can't wait to see more pics as you settle in :o)

  5. *awww* when can I move in? it looks delightful!

    Looking forward to when you are back with more regular blogging, miss you over in the EB Newbie Quilters!

  6. woo hoo Becky is BACK!!!!!

    i love your bricks and your view and all of it !! yay !!!

  7. Just gorgeous Becky! So glad you are settling in and that you are back in blog land :)

    P.S. Not long till spin camp!!

  8. it looks amazing. i love your bricks too. happy settling.


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