Thursday, July 1, 2010

My (Possum's) Creative Space

With one week (Eeeek!) to go until settlement my creative efforts are limited to packing tape and boxes.
Possum has been busy so this creative space belongs to her.

A $2 book from a $2 type shop and she has had hours of fun. 

The coloured circles up the top of each page hide water based paint so with paint brush in hand and small pot of water, Possum is getting in touch with her arty side.  I still have a couple of these books up my sleeve for toddler entertainment while we move :)


I did get this bag finished and felted, just to keep it a little bit about me ;)

For more creative spaces visit Kirsty.


  1. Love those books - we have them in the camping kit:) And threading games - they are a hit too.

    Good luck with settlement and moving - excitig times for you all:)

  2. Oh, that bag has me intrigued. I'm a huge sucker for a nice bag, and that one looks lovely!

  3. that book looks great! I haven't seen those before, must check out the nearest $2 shop.
    hope your day is full of creativity ♥

  4. Your possum is doing a lovely job there. Great basket too...
    Oh - settlement and moving house - a time frought with anxiety and excitement - a rollercoaster!!!
    Good luck!

  5. That little bag is gorgeous! Your little girl looks quite content painting. Good luck with the move.

  6. i am loving all this lavender you have been using.

  7. The bag looks like a huge creative fet to me! And your little one is adorable. Good luck sealing everything up. xo

  8. i love the bag so so much. it is gorgeous. good luck with the move. the paintings are great too


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