Friday, July 9, 2010

The best laid plans...

I can celebrate the fact that yesterday while dropping off a load of stuff to the second hand store, I found some goodies.  A complete 20 piece set of Johnson Brothers Australia crockery for $8. 

In the way of a good collection, I don't know how I started, but I am gathering quite a few Johnson Brothers bits and pieces, usually in the pastel shades, but let us not limit ourselves :)

Not so lucky is the fact that the bank hashed our paperwork so badly that our house that should have settled yesterday, now won't settle until Monday.

This leaves me with a house packed, and nowhere to move. 
A husband on Holidays twiddling thumbs. 
Friends told not to come over the weekend and help. 
No babysitter because Mum works during the week and Dad has to go to QLD for work. 
Rain is predicted for Monday and next week.
Penalty interest.
Mail already redirected.
Phone disconnected.


At least my chickens left me warm eggs to find under the rose bush this morning. 
A little treasure.


  1. gah, banks! That's so incredibly frustrating!! It WILL work out, though. Maybe not quite the way you'd planned, but this might be a good reason to have an impromptu family adventure or two this weekend? xx

  2. Aaggghhh what a nightmare! I had a similar situation a few years ago where our bank lost the title which delayed settlement. I billed them for all of the extra costs I incurred due to the delay and they paid it.
    Nice find with the crockery, and a great colour too. I only ever seem to find it in brown tones.

  3. Great crockery! I do like the green :-)

    Dangit on the moving delay. Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly next week, and that the rain stays away!


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