Monday, December 21, 2009

Turning 2

My little girl is 2...

You are beautiful and good.
You are stubborn.

You are a strange mix between tom boy and girly girl. 
You want to wear the pretty 'dess' that Mum made so you can go outside and sit on a chicken or play in the grease or mud.

You love reading. 
You love shoes, blocks and crayons.
You love playing in the pantry.

You chat away and are building a good vocabulary.  You can't say your name properly, or your brother's.
You call yourself 'Boff' or 'Boffer' and the small boy is 'Ee Ah'.

Where has the time gone?

Happy Birthday Possum, we love you more than I would have thought possible.


  1. What a lovely post! It's amazing how quickly the time goes :)

  2. Happy birthday Possum :)

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Happy birthday Possum!! Only the most amazing people are born on the 21st of December. Stubborn you may be, but when you are older you will stubbornly cling to the right things - your values, your perception of right from wrong and you won't be lead astray!

    And happy 2nd year of having Possum Beck! You must be so proud of her! She's a sweetie!

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Possum! You are very, very cute with that gorgeous smile. Tell your Mama that two is my favourite age.

  5. Happy Birthday Miss Possum - Bec - I am with you - where have our little people gone - I can hardley believe that they are two:)

  6. Happy birthday to you Possum, hope you ahve a lovely day.
    I have a shoe lover here too Becky - always finding one shoe from each pair scattered around the house!


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