Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Sewing, Cooking, and Cheer!


I made the worlds best Trifle this year based on a recipe in Family Circle.
Cake, custard, mixed berries, cream, strawberries and white chocolate curls.

I sent my Sister her Kris Kringle gift which was an Emmeline Apron and Australian Womans Weekly cookbook Cook.  I loved this apron and have put it on my 'to do' list for me in 2010.

I made the children a Melly and Me  Pippi Pony each.  I can see a new softie become a tradition in the Christmas Stocking each year!  This pattern was very quick, and very easy so big thumbs up!

I was adding the finishing touches to these yesterday afternoon and I decided in the spirit of Christmas Cheer to have a couple (or three) of Pimms.  I had not factored in the effect it would have on me given I have not had a drink in a few years having been either pregnant or feeding. 

I got a little 'Merry' and didn't get around to adding the ears (in case you noticed!).


  1. Thank you Becky for sharing so cute pictures.Wish you and all a Happy Christmas.

    Keep Smiling!
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  2. Merry Christmas Bec - you di ell this year - I am making a promise to myself to be a little more organised next year ad make a start during the year:) That being I will not have to pack up the house and move interstae this year, and fingers crossed all of the relatives stay alive this year:)

  3. Merry Christmas Becky! I love that apron pattern, have been eyeing it for weeks now! I relly like your version as well, and your softies too!


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