Monday, June 1, 2009

Snailblazer Roundup

The first thing I need to do is thank Cass over at Snailblazer for organising such a wonderful swap.
The second thing I need to do is say a very big Sorry to everyone in my group. I am a beginner sewer who got excited in the way of the 'little engine that could' I signed up before I remembered that I couldn't and so you are all now stuck with my sub par attempts at creativity...

I had trouble thinking of an item that I could make 10 of and fit them in a post satchel. I decided on an ipod/phone cozy using this tutorial. I used fabric and buttons from my stash, limited as that is and so I did not send empty cozys out into the world I added a couple of packets of Chai Tea to each.

edited to add: I did modify the pattern a bit, I made it narrower by an inch and a half, and I decided it would be easier to sew the button on BEFORE I stitched them up. I just folded them, measured where the elastic fell and marked that spot for the button.

My parcel arrived this morning! First day of Winter Blues? Not here!

Suzanne made a headband which had me rushing to a mirror to try it on :)
Monica made a hanging chain which Miss Possum has run off with...
Kylie made a Hair tie travel case which includes 3 beautiful hair clips, perfect for a little girl I have here!

Sophie made a Brooch, nicely cheerful to combat Winter drabness!
Kat made a makeup purse, I LOVE sausage dogs!!
Danielle made a zippered purse embellished with a yoyo

Leah knitted a washcloth! I love the colour and the pattern :)
Natasha made a tissue holder, perfect for the cold season ahead, am bound to feel healthier just for the sylish addition to my tissues :)
Sarah made a Diary and pen holder, I think it may have to live in my office to make me look more professional!

Last but not least:
Jo made a set of handmade cards
and Cass typed out a full list of blogs and names to help us keep track of what came from where.

I think I heard Cass say she might be doing this again towards the end of the year which would be wonderful, this already feels like Christmas come early!


  1. I love your ipod cases! I've added that tute to my favorites - for next week!!!

  2. They look great! I would have been happy to receive one of those!

  3. Bec your ipod cozy's were great I might have to have a go at the tutorial

  4. I'm glad you like the sausage dogs. That fabric was my favourite. I love the ipod cozy it is so cute. And thanks for the tea Chai is my favourite

  5. Bec, the ipod cover is FANTASTIC!!

    Thank you so much, I love it!!

    I am going to make a couple for friends too.

  6. Hey Bec, my iPhone fits like a glove in your iPod case. I tried it out tonight and it's great. Thank you so much!! I've been thinking about making myself something similar, but adding a clip or ring onto the top somehow so I can add it to my lanyard with my keys... ahhh! One day I might get around to it! :))
    Am now following along with your blog!
    Kylie xx

  7. Bec- thank you forthe ipod case, I have been meaning to make for since I got my I can cross that job off my list LOL You did a great job, its perfect!

  8. Thanks Bec for the great ipod/camera/phone holder. I will use mine for my phone now I will be able to find it with ease.

  9. Thankyou so mcuh for my Ipod cozy!! Now it will be nice and safe in my handbag ;) I hope you won't need to use the tissue cover too often in the months ahead ;)


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