Monday, June 8, 2009

Paper Mache Monday?

Paper Mache Monday... I don't think I will be starting the latest Blog craze here, but it did tickle my fancy a little to think it might :)

Last weekend, while sitting at the table after Miss Possum had gone to bed I decided to count her money box so I could do a trip to the bank. My brother, who lives with us, decided that it would be fun to make a giant pig money box, for himself mind you!

Naturally, I had to help. What else is a good sister to do! Dear Husband decided to not play along in the PVA, but did fetch and organise extra paper and glue for us here and there. Many strips of paper later, a quick trip to Spotlight for paint/eyes/pipe cleaner supplies, and a bit of drying time later my brother was left with...

I put a lot more time and effort into Mister Piggy than my brother did, as he was away for work for the week, and it was a sad day when he picked him up and put him in his room to be filled with wealth.
I think I am in mourning and may have to get started on another (smaller) version for myself ;)


  1. Gorgeous! What a good team you are!

  2. Oh he could have given it to his adorable niece! LOL - looks great though! I have visions of him carrying it away underneath his arm...

  3. I remember making one just like this when I was a kid!

  4. Make it as a pinata for Mis P's birthday


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