Friday, May 29, 2009

Lazy Day

I made a hat! A Make it Perfect ~ Lazy Day hat! A small thing I know, but it has been that long since I have sewn ANYTHING that it feels like a very BIG achievement. Sad aren't I?!

Now for the actually sad parts:
  • It is too small for Miss Possum, it shouldn't be according to the size of her head so I think it is just a small pattern.
  • The stiffener I used was too heavy and doesn't iron on well, not the look I was after, I have thrown it out. Don't use stuff just because you have it...
  • I have learnt that stripes are not a good idea here, they are on the inside of this reversible hat, and they are a lovely stripe, but it doesn't work on a round pattern. I should have known :(

For the Good parts:

  • Once DH looked at the pattern for me and told me I had skipped a step, it all made sense and was rather easy to put together. It was quick too which is a big plus with a toddler in the house
  • The Butterfly fabric was from the Haberdashery Swap on 'EB' I took part in, it is always fun sewing with bits from a swap!
  • I will be happy to make another (larger) version of this hat, butterflies and.... not stripes but I will have something!
Back to the drawing board for take 2!


  1. Looks great! I've been wanting to make this exact hat and had heard it's a small fit. What size did you make it for and how much smaller did it actually turn out? Love the butterflies :-)

  2. It looks great but such a shame it's too small. The fabric is really cute too.

  3. Hi Sewnewtothis.

    In answer to your question, I made a small, which was the exact head size in cm for Miss Possum. However it wont even go down over her head without a lot of force.

    I would suggest measuring, and then making the next size up each time :)

    Hope that helps, otherwise it is a great pattern!

  4. It looks really lovely; such a pity it doesn't fit : ( I imagine stripes would be a bugger to sew with - I know my mother refused to try and sew with stripes or with plaid. And the stiffener may have been a bugger but it loks as though the brim won't droop, which is a problem for all of Til's hats.

    Given the upcoming baby crop, I'm sure that you'll find a grateful recipient for the hat!


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