Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Block Swap Mail Out 2

Mail out number 2 is now complete and headed back to Sheridan!

The green spot is beautiful fabric which belongs to Maryjane.

The pink Chinese inspired fabric belongs to Louise.

And last but not least, the pink and black spot belongs to Leah

Hope the girls like what I have paired with them!

Now I am already waiting with barely contained excitement for mail out number 3 to arrive in my mailbox!!

All my sewing commitments are up to date (gasp!) so I have booked my machines in for a much needed service. While I am thinking about it, I will get some new blades for my rotary cutter and I will be all organised!

edited to add: I just dropped my machines off for their service and was told that it will take a WEEK! Guess I will get some knitting done :)

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  1. Wow! How busy are YOU? I have been pootling about and thinking I really need to pull out a crafty finger here. And lovely block swap stuff there.

    Very sweet of you to do the linky thing - now are yoiu sure you don't want to include the egg? I could use bubble wrap?!


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