Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Every Possum needs a Pony

It does seem strange to have a pony in the backyard, but Miss Possum LOVES it! First thing every morning she trots to the back door and points outside at Lily, her pony. Then when she is dressed Miss Possum goes out to say good morning in person.

Miss Possum took some bread out for Lily, but started to eat it herself while Lily watched on in the background. Lily didn't miss out for long, DD did not feel like eating too much :)

Miss Possum is learning a lot about ponies, including the fact that they like to eat grass. She must have been thinking about this as I caught her experimentaly eating some herself while Lily chewed on her own patch of grass next to her.


  1. Oh, too cute. Lucky little possum with her first pony, I only hope Miss M doesn't want one too soon, as much as I would love to get back into riding.

  2. This is just too cute for words - at least she is getting extra supplements into her little diet. Hope that you find a home close by soon. She will be heart broken when it has to leave.

  3. Hang on... a pony?!?!?! You didnt' mention this when you were down!!!!!!! Is this a visitor or permanent resident (you can tell I'm back at work...).

    I'm reminded my of that cartoon series by, I think, Thelwell, or something. All these little kids on fat ponies at gymkhanas


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