Thursday, May 16, 2013

Testing, and a bit about Lego

This post is to test* an app called Pages which I downloaded from Apps gone free.  I have been so busy lately that Blogging has flown out the window so when I saw this app I wondered if it would help.  

For three days the children upended my husbands lot of Lego and mixed everything up.  I was worried things would get lost and only wanted them to play with one unit at a time but The Mr said it was important for kids to play and use their imagination in order to learn so he let them play as they choose.

They created, mixed and had so much fun so The Mr was obviously right.  At the end of three days we have lost small gear stick but that seems like a small price to pay.

*the post drafting phase went well and access to my iPad photos was easy enough.  I think for good photos from my camera my computer would still be the way to go.  I will have to see how managing the comments goes from this point; also, I can't work out how to do labels... 

I went to publish and it told me there was an error as my photo was still uploading.  There is no progress bar to tell me when this should happen which I find annoying.  Then, when I came back in to edit all my line spaces were out.  I remember when Old Blogger used to do that and it was annoying.

Edit: there was a progress bar and an outbox!  I missed them in my haste.  Also, it easily let me in to edit this post so I have to say that given this is the first time I have ever used this app AND it is early in the morning and I still have not finished my first cup of coffee I am going well.  They say more haste, less speed so perhaps I was the problem when I first hit publish.  I also found the tags under the little 'i' so I can't complain about anything in the drafting and posting phase yet.


  1. When we were kids we had all of ours in a jumbo pool chlorine bucket (empty of course). We were fine, as long as we had the instructions! But the OCD person I am now whould want to keep them all separate, luckily my girls not into them, I dont have to 'sort' haha

  2. Aden only likes the instructions at the moment but he can't do them by himself so one of us gets roped in!


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