Monday, May 13, 2013

Jamie Oliver HomeCooker {Mother's Day}

I was spoilt this year.  Normally not much happens to mark the occasion on Mother's Day but this year I put in an order and was given the Jamie Oliver HomeCooker.  Jamie Oliver is so wonderful and his cooker is just as good as I would expect from a product underpinned by him.  

I got the Cooker with cutting tower and also the pasta and steamer trays.  This lot cost me $300 on sale at Harvey Norman and there is also an extra $30 to come off that via a promotional cash back deal running right now.  It all made it such a great deal.

The big difference between this machine and the Thermomix, other than the price, is that the HomeCooker does not have built in scales and the cutting tower is used instead of having the built in cutting system.  I can live with that when you consider this was $1700 cheaper.

I have used it a lot as I may have opened it before Mother's Day, I just couldn't wait!  It really does make tea time so much easier, put ingredients in, press button, beeps when something else needs to happen or stirs until you are ready to eat.  Simple!

The whole thing is dishwasher safe too which is a big plus in this house since we recently put a dishwasher in.  It is easy to assemble and clean and so far I have not found anything I don't like about it.

I love the Jamie Oliver cookbook too.  There are more recipes online and because I registered new recipes get emailed to me.  It is not hard to cook most of the foods we like using this system so a lot of old favourite recipes are being cooked as well.

I had originally wanted a Thermomix but I am glad I didn't rush out and buy one as there are now a number of similar products about.  I won't claim they are exactly as good but I do think this goes close and if value for money is important this is a much better option for us.  


  1. I love Jamie Oliver too and didn't realize he had a home cooker out. I too wanted a Thermomix but couldn't justify the price

  2. oh thanks for the heads up....we love Jamie Oliver here!

  3. I ended up buying a cheap version of the thermomix and there has been some issues with it - but I figured it was worth the cheaper cost to see if the machine works for us. Now I have it, Im unsure I would ever use a Thermomix to its fullest capacity.

  4. @Car

    Car, did you have a Maxi or a Bellini? I have heard good things about the Maxi but not so much about the Bellini.

  5. Yay - what a fab Mothers Day gift. When I got my Thermomix there was nothing else on the market (almost three years ago now!) So pleased that there is something that is more affordable now and I still use my thermomix on a daily basis all those years on.


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