Saturday, December 29, 2012


This Christmas I may have mentioned (when prompted) that I have always* wanted a Sodastream.  Imagine my surprise when my husband got given one instead of me.  No matter, I won't let that hold me back from introducing 'my' new Sodastream!

This is the Dynamo model in the metallic colourway.  I do like it a lot!

So far I can give a BIG thumbs up to the sugar free cranberry-raspberry flavour and lemon-lime. Cola (the regular one) is also good.  I am slowly working my way through the sample packs that came with the machine and I did buy some extra bibs and bobs on a trip to town yesterday so I am good to go and planning mixers and fun for the rest of summer.

*I remember my babysitter had one when I used to go there and I thought she was wonderful so Sodastream became synonymous with 'awesome' as far as I was concerned.  Current ad campaigns seem to agree with my first impression.  

Edit: Flavour updates!
Cranberry Raspberry sugar free - great
Lemon-Lime is great
Orange is also great
Cola regular - good
Grapefruit and Pomegranate is just ok.
Ginger Ale is AWESOME
Apple is great.
Lemonade is great
Cola sugar free - yuck


  1. Big fans of the Cran-Raspberry over here too!

  2. I have the same memory of the Soda Stream, our old neighbours growing up had one, and I was never allowed one! So it's been up on a pedestal for a while. Now my sister has one and I've yet to be offered a drink.....hmmmm.

  3. The cranberry raspberry is my favourite. I think Ginger Beer may be a close second. It is great just for plain soda water too.

  4. I hinted for one of these but didn't recieve. Maybe I should go and buy my own:)
    We had one as kids with the little glass jars, it brings back great memories and Gingerale was my favourite way back then.


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