Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending 2012 on a High Note

Anyone who reads (or used to) my blog will know things have been REALLY quiet around here over the past few months.  I have just been so busy and that means that my craft and leisure time has suffered.

I decided I did not want to end the year in a slump.  Next year I plan to do things a little differently and I wanted to see the year in as I mean to continue.  So yesterday I pulled out a pattern, one I have made before so already had traced it off in my size.  Then I made a start while chatting to some friends on Facebook in what became a virtual sew-along.

I made the Anna Maria Socialite Dress.  I have made this before a couple of times; the first attempt was too small even thought I did measure and the second attempt fit well but the fabric was a bit heavy and it did not sit well on me.

This time I am really happy with it.  This is a size medium and once again I left out the pockets, I prefer the line of the dress without the pockets.  I made a belt too as I tend to look like I am wearing a sack if I don't wear one.

I think 2013 is looking up!

For awhile I thought the only thing I would have to show off as a finished WIP was the children's library bags.  Possum starts school next year and needed one; naturally this meant Blue needed to have one as well.

I appliqued some circles from feature fabrics they each picked, on the other side using one of the fabrics shown I put their initials.  I am really happy with these, so are the children.  Bonus!

Happy New Year :)


  1. Such a cute dress. Happy New Year Becky!

  2. Gorgeous dress. Have a great 2013!!

  3. The dress is beautiful, Becky. I hope that 2013 brings to you and your family everything you desire!

  4. I love the dress Becky. Hope you and your family have a great new year! xx

  5. Happy New Year, the socialite dress was the very first dress I ever made for myself :) Hope 2013 finds your creative balance again, Mel xox

  6. Happy New Year....looking forward to seeing more of your creative endeavors. xx

  7. Happy New Year Becky. Hope that this year is everything you dream it to be. From all reports you are going to be busy. Hope that you find some you time in there somewhere. Love the dress.

  8. YOur new dress looks great! I have sewing to dofor Kindy too!


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