Saturday, July 14, 2012

Slow Progress

Do  you ever get that feeling that things are moving much faster than you are, you can't quite keep up?  No?  Maybe it is just me...  I feel behind in everything; I will swim faster and catch up, but not today, and maybe not tomorrow either. 

I have had a cold that lasted a month.  I have had a bronchial chest infection.  I have travelled 1850 km in three days and been to a funeral.  Today I am throwing up.  Yup, the fun never ends here!

Still, if I look on the bright side there is good stuff going on.

I am behind in my handstitched class quilt, but I am loving it!  It is bright and happy and my wonky hand stitches are a splash of colour on a grey day.  I will catch up on the quilt somewhere in between writing 4 uni assignments and all will be well.

Tomorrow is a new day :)

edit: this is my 600th post!  Hurrah!!


  1. congrats on your 600th post :) hope you feel better soon & i love those colours & wonky stitches. great job, well done :) cheers

  2. Sorry you've been sick Becky! hope next week is better for you. The hand stitching looks great!

  3. 600th post? Very impressive. Don't worry about anything, just get better soon!


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