Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday Climbing

I was up early on Sunday.  The combination of a horse recovering from colic and things to do had me up and enjoying the sunrise.  I don't often get up early enough for this, but when I do I always think it is a beautiful time of day.  

We ended up heading off with the outdoor adventure club to scope out a semi-local climbing spot.  Nothing says rock climbing quite like rocking up with your kids, but the smalls both had fun too.

The Mr climbed this grade 16 and had fun.  We will have to go back with our own gear and spend a day playing.  We will also have to join the outdoor adventure club so we have an excuse to tag along on more club days out and about the area.

This photo does not look like the Mr is tied in, he is.  This climb was top roped and protected.


  1. Hmmmm... just trying to remember what I did with my Sunday! Oh yes, I read the paper, went to a BBQ... kinda wish I went rock climbing now! x

  2. What a beautiful spot! You're lucky to have such gorgeousness close by.


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