Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scrap Attack Quilt

I finished my scrap attack quilt, and I love it!

I love the bullseye effect, I love that it is scrappy.  So many of the prints used remind me of friends and projects past, it is a nice feeling to snuggle into.

Blue likes hiding under it, he calls it 'the hiding place'.  I like it too as the light shines through with the soft reflection of each colour triangle.  We have spent a bit of time under there together so far.

This quilt was part of the scrap attack challenge.  Link list to other scrap attack quilts here.
It is also my February finish for AJ's '12 in 12' challenge.

Nothing better than a finished project, especially one you love.


  1. Beautiful again! You're making so many lovely quilts lately!

  2. Looks gorgeous Becky, and it sounds like you really enjoyed the process, so satisfying to see something come together from nothing in a short time!

  3. Gorgeous. I love scrappy values quilts.

  4. It looks great and you are finished at the start of the month:) You will fly through this challenge.

  5. Stunning! Congrats on the first finsih for February!

  6. It is so good. One day I want to learn to make a quilt like this... filled with all the brilliant memories.
    Well done on making something so beautiful. Bravo indeedy.

  7. That's beautiful Becky - the colours are fabulous.


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