Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Creative Space ~ Coffee and Dessert

It has been a long time since I have joined in with a regular My Creative Space. I have been busy on Thursday due to the children's music lessons and tired by the end of the day.  I should be more organised!
Last night, the combined Churches of my small town held a coffee and dessert night.  It was very fun and full of dessert that would have put Masterchef to shame*.  The theme of the night was 'Who am I?' This REALLY struck a chord with me given my Facebook status update of 24hours earlier was:
Who am I? Mother? Crafter? Agvocate*? Protester? Political commentator? Uni student? Tweep? Friend? Christian? Blogger? Confused?

All of the above. Busy times of late!
Tuesday at 4:33pm

I did not know the theme of the evening before I went.  Was it a coincidence? Or something more?  I often struggle with Faith, but in this instance it is not hard for me to believe that for some reason this is a message to me.

And in case you are wondering, the answer to 'Who am I?' in this instance was that it does not matter who I have been, who I am now, or who I will be, that I am loved by God.

Pretty powerful message on top of a sugar overload and caffeine hit I can tell you!

*Not my dessert, Masterchef is safe from me!
*Agvocate is a newish term for those that are good advocates for agriculture.


  1. that looks like the most delicious way to ponder those questions!
    hope you have answered them.
    my head is a bit fuzzy due to this headcold so I won't be pondering for a while.

    happy day Becky, hope it's filled with answers to your questions ♥

  2. Amen.

    It's great to remember the core of our identity - all the other things come and go as life changes. Good reminder for me too :)

    As for struggling with faith - I think that's pretty normal, the important part is not to stop asking for answers.

  3. Great message and a fantastic way to explore it - over fantastic food.


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