Monday, August 1, 2011

Light Reading?

Ok, so it isn't really light reading which may be why my mind has been wandering today.

When will it rain here?  It is dry and I don't want to head into Spring with no moisture in the soil.

Thank You Water is a wonderful idea.  I usually pack lunch and drinks when we go out but if I have to buy a drink in town this will be what I look for.

I do not like cooking fat sausages.

The Workers are not as good as Big Dog, who is not as good as Prime Possum used to be, which I can't find online :(


  1. Oh we still have the Prime Possom, the Workers are insanely scary, the eyes on that fireman, enough to give a child nightmares!! Yay for rain & have an awfully good time with those books, yahoo, fascinating stuff. So glad i was ace at maths the first time around as high school maths is full on, love Posie

  2. We still have prime possum too :)

  3. We still have Prime Possum, but I remember (from my younger days) when they used to sing each night and it was great:

    'Prime Possum is high up in a tree, Prime Possum is soft and cuddly, Prime Possum loves every boy and girl so lets help Prime Possum to make a better world'

    Much more exciting stuff than today's Possum I think.

  4. I hate cooking fat sausages too! They take too long!


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