Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canberra Zoo

Canberra Zoo and Aquarium.  Fun for everyone!

It is compact for a zoo which really suited the children.  Everything was close so they didn't get tired while they walked about looking at all the animals.

We all rugged up for the Canberra cold and had a sausage sizzle lunch marketed as a 'zoo zizzle'.  Whatever you call it we all love a good sausage sizzle!


  1. OK - I didn't even know Canberra had a zoo....

  2. Oh how did i miss you visiting Canberra?? It's such a great zoo isn't it?? We love it & they do zoocation holiday programmes in the school holidays, which i hope ot book my children into, eventually, we always seem to miss them. Ridiculous, how old are my 4 & how long have we lived in Canberra now?? Love Posie


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