Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blue Mountains

We love the Blue Mountains.  The Mr and I had our first proper getaway up there one Autumn a long while ago.  We went rock climbing and sight seeing back then.  There was no climbing this trip, but we did go to the climbing shop to buy 2 large boxes of climbing holds to build a climbing wall in our workshop.  A bouldering pad, harness and new finger board also came home with us.

We took the children down to see the Three Sisters.  The rain had set in and when we arrived everything was mist as far as the eye could see over the valley.

Thankfully it did clear for all of five minutes so we could take in the view, beautiful as always.


  1. We lived in Katoomba for about 6 months or so... beautiful but SO DAMN COLD! Especially since we had to walk eveywhere!

  2. Glad that you managed to catch a glimps of the sisters:) Love it up there - brrrrrr you must be cold. SO have you shown the Mr the bedroom idea yet - go on, he would LOVE it:)

  3. Oh I remember so many family day trips to the blue mountains as a child. Loved it... the three sisters and that scary rail trip to the bottom of the mountain. So much fun!


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