Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warrabah National Park

We took advantage of the wonderful Autumn weather to head off to beautiful Warrabah National Park, which is about 80km from Tamworth in NSW.  Warrabah only became a National Park in the 1980's and I am glad it did because there is something beautiful about the deep gorges created by the river's path through the range.

Thunderbolts Hole. 

There are plenty of picnic areas and camping areas too.  We packed a picnic lunch as well as the burner so we could make a cuppa when we felt like stopping.

Boundary Hole.

The children are getting better at walking about themselves and now that they need less 'stuff' to cart around with them I hope we get out and about more often.

We have plans to go back for another day soon as there is still a lot to see.  One day we might plan a camping trip too as the camping fees at just $3/adult a night would make it an economical holiday.

Gum Hole

Thunderbolt's Hole at the park entrance was ok for a 2WD via some gravel road.  The rest of the park after that point was 4WD access only.  


  1. Looks great Becky - I've been hoping to go camping there - might be sooner rather than later now!

  2. It looks beautiful!
    Camping has never really been my thing but when I see all the gorgeous places to visit I am very tempted to give it a try.

  3. A 7 hour drive....we are looking for some wher to take the 4WD and camp...looks lovely..I'll keep it in mind

  4. My hubby and BIL go camping there quite a lot, if you are willing to do some hiking there is some fantastic cod fishing to be had.


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