Thursday, April 14, 2011

Couch Potato

One benefit of the low iron/couch potato issue is that I have had plenty of time for knitting.
This shrug is another test knit, this time for Elena Nodel.  Elena blogs Here, and has her own Ravelry Group too.  

I loved knitting this, it is simple, but just right for a little girl with the ruffle detail.
This pattern has a great size range too, from 12 months to 12-14 years.  It isn't released yet, but I will let you know as soon as it is, I just couldn't wait that long to show it off.

Possum is going to wear this over her Christening dress in early May.  I did leave it late to Christen my two children.  The family Christening dress was in storage when Possum was born, then she grew out of it, and we moved, the Blue came along, and.... You get the idea! 

I am still very excited about their Christening coming up.  I think I will buy them both a nice leather bound Bible as a Christening gift given I think we are past the engraved baby silverware stage. 


  1. So sweet Becky - and just the right amount of girly frill.
    Will be lovely on christening day.

  2. Love it - I am testing this one too - shhh - not even on the needles yet but will be over the weekend camping (and pattern release is down for my birthday - hip hip horray:)

  3. Love this! Might have to get my knitting needles back out to make one when the pattern comes out. We are getting all 3 kids baptised in September - same as you, things just kept popping up and before you know it you have 3 babies that are 1, 3 & 5!


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