Monday, June 21, 2010

Two and a Half

Hard to believe we have a 2.5 year old in the house. 
Both delightful and stubborn, full of fun and a giant imagination.
Fearless, mischievious and loud too!


This pictured beanie is the Flour Sack by Amanda Keeys.  Details in my Ravelry Projects. I love all of Amanda's patterns so you can just imagine how happy I was when asked to test knit her latest cute creation!  I am off to town this morning to buy some wool!


  1. LOL about the loud! I know just what you are talking about hehehehehe - we have one of those (nearly two and a half year old) here too! THey grow up so quickly dont they. Your beanie looks divine, she is such a cutie.

    Nic xxx

  2. So cute :) I love the hat, well done on being a test knitter!

  3. Gorgeous picture - great hat! I have just bought that knitting book and can't wait until I have time to sit and knit some beanies!

    Yay about being a test knitter for her too!

  4. yay on the test knitting:) how cool

    Love the beanie:)

  5. happy two in a half. cute cute cute beanie.

  6. Oh, so cute! The hat & the girl!


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