Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space ~ Solstice Week

Two weeks and counting down until the big move!

We are starting to feel the clock ticking and the fact that the Winter Solstice is upon us leaves me feeling a little extra robbed of time.

We have still been having our daily walk, just a little earlier these days all leaving home at 4:30pm to give us time to set off and get some fresh air.

~ ~ ~ ~

I know we have been here before, but this time I mean it, honestly.
I started a new blog, because the other new blog that I started had a name that never grew on me. 
I can't take ownership of blog and publish a bit of myself if I don't love it all.

So now I have Possum Blue
Named for the two children I love, Possum and Baby Blue.

This one I love.  Why I didn't think of it at the time is beyond me.  I had this blog sitting there empty and waiting for a special project.  With Little Blue 10 months old I 'spose it is too late to be blaming baby brain?

Anyway, all simple living, permaculture and renovation blogging will be done at Possum Blue and all Crafty and family blogging will stay here as always :)

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  1. The new blog looks great Becky, and so exciting about the move! :) :)

  2. I love that image of your lovely family walking along the road.

    Good luck with the move & the new blog too.

  3. I'll follow the goings on over at Possum Blue because that is what we hope to do eventually! How lovely to have the time put aside for a daily walk - one of life's simple pleasures. x

  4. I am looking at starting a new blog too - well same just a new name - I cose Kylie's Crafts because wll it was a spur of a moment thing and I needed to start a blog. No thought put into it (yes shall we blame preggy brain - I had not long a had Amelia) Anyway - think that I need something that describes ME now and have penned out and saved Two Sticks and a Hook - might have to chat to you and find out how to do the cool header:)

    Wow - two weeks - hppy packing my dear - glad it is not me this year (Yay)

  5. Baby brain doesn't go away until you've at least stopped breastfeeding, and comes back with a vengance every time you don't get a good night's sleep. That's my theory, anyway!!

    Good luck with the final preparations for the move :-)

  6. The winter solstice leaves me feeling robbed of time too.
    Great photos. So beautiful.

  7. gorgeous photos of a simple family ritual. reminds me of my toddler/baby days. how quickly time marches on


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