Monday, December 23, 2013

{Six} Happy Birthday

 I find it very hard to believe that my first baby is now SIX!!  When I consider all her achievements over the past year I am both proud and surprised; school has been wonderful as has watching Possum grow and learn in her extra-curricular activities and at home.  A year makes such a big difference!

We had to buy a new bike to accommodate yet another growth spurt.  We took the training wheels off and while Possum is not always happy about this she is getting the idea and getting better.

We have not had much time for horse riding over the past year but every now and then Peppy gets put through his paces with some pretty handy groundwork given how little practice Possum has had.  They are learning together and of all of us Peppy the Pony has picked his rider as his favourite person.

Two days after her birthday Possum lost her sixth tooth.  Six teeth seems like a lot and I have discovered a love of toothy grins since the first ones fell out last year as shown in the above photo

School this year has been amazing.  Possum was reading before she started and she hit the ground running.  Her teacher has been wonderful and we are grateful for the school we choose.  I have loved that I got to work at the same school all year with her and watch her as she navigated the school environment.

Possum was awarded at the end of school presentation taking out the Kindergarten certificate for 'most consistent achievement'.  It was such a proud parenting moment for us!  All of kindy were given a book at the end of the year and her teacher picked Roald Dahl's The Magic Finger for Possum who read it during the rest of the awards ceremony and then finished it that night at home.  Her head is ALWAYS in a book when she has a quiet moment!

Possum's request for her cake this year was for the Australian Woman's Weekly 'dream time lizard'.  I think it turned out pretty well given we were up to 1am on the morning of her birthday making it!  Possum saw it and said it was just like the one in the book.  Win. 


  1. She's a clever little cookie, Roald Dahl is a huge hit here too, he's hard to put down. Happy birthday to you Possum, I'm sure 2014 will be another great year.

  2. What a beautiful post! Happy belated gorgeous possum x


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