Saturday, October 5, 2013

{Four} Belated Birthday Post

It is hard to believe that my small boy has turned four or that four years can feel like both the blink of an eye and an eternity at the same time.  As is traditional he picked a cake out of one of my Woman's Weekly cake books.  They love this part of the birthday and spend days looking at the cookbooks and thinking about options.

His early childhood teacher Bianca said that she loves Blue because he never fails to teach her something new each day.  I had discussed care options with her at one point and she said I was not allowed to move him and that was that.  Pre-school is his favourite and he loves catching the school bus home on pre-school days.  He NEVER naps during the day even though they all still try.

Blue loves being outside, he is gentle with animals but has started wiping his mouth after you give him a kiss because kisses are 'yucky' but he still happily lets me kiss him and snuggle him so that is ok.

He is starting to read some high frequency words by himself but would prefer to be read to than have to try to decode text himself.  He loves books and 'reads' in bed every night after we have read to him.  He always has a pile of books on his bedside table just like his big sister.

Favourite shows are Thomas and Friends and The Octonauts and his favourite colour is Blue.  He is dinousaur and insect mad and can cite strange facts on random topics at any given point in time.

He is happy to talk to anyone and everyone and is often complimented on his good manners when he answers 'how are you'? with 'well thank you'.  People often say he has an accent but he is just very well spoken.  He still has trouble with his 'r' sounding like a 'w' but this is getting better too and I predict by the end of the year it will be a thing of the past.


  1. Happy Birthday, Blue! Four is so big and so little all at the same time. The cake looks great.

  2. Happy Birthday to Blue. Four is such a gorgeous age, truly.

  3. He sounds just like my 4-year-old even down to the w/r speech sounds! How fun are little boys!

  4. That is an awesome cake! Happy birthday to your little man!


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