Monday, August 12, 2013

Taronga Western Plains Zoo - Part 1

During the last school holidays, (5 weeks ago now!) we took a trip to Dubbo to visit the Taronga Western Plains Zoo.  It was an amazing experience for both children and I am so glad we went.

I took about 1000 photos and realised that my memory card was not big enough.  That has since been remedied so I will be ready for the next big outing; whenever that may be.

Because there are so many photos I have picked a few for this post and will save the rest for another day.  This is really my way of saying I still have not sorted them all out, but I am getting there... slowly... 

So many photos!


  1. Thanks for sharing Becky! I went to that zoo for the frist and only time when i was 9! I hope to get back there one day!

  2. My kids loved the zoo when we went there at Christmas last year. Love your photos!

  3. Hey Becky. I have been away from blogs for so long and now I'm checking all your updates (been away since EB days!) love your sewing!


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