Sunday, June 9, 2013


My husband has always said that fat was not bad, it was sugar you had to watch out for.  Our generation have become experts at sugar production and it is in everything.

I first read about Sarah Wilson on a friend's blog, I wish I could remember which one.  Then another friend decided to sample a range of diets to see what worked for her and I thought again about sugar.  I don't think fat is the enemy and most diets target fat; so much fat free food is VERY high in sugar.

I bought the book 'I Quit Sugar' while I was in town and The Mr. Has read it and was caught muttering a lot; things like 'I agree' and 'that is what I said'.

We are going to spend the next little while getting to know how much sugar is in our pantry items and them in a couple of weeks we will begin this programme.  At this point I am a little worried by sourcing some of the ingredients in our rural town but I will just have to be organised and find a good online shop if needed.

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  1. Hey Becky, I hope you do a lot more posts on this as I will be extremely interested in how you go. I definitely agree that sugar is a pretty awful ingredient, especially in highly processed foods where it is extremely hard to track how much is in it! Good luck with it all.


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