Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Month That Was...

I have spent the past month on practicum as part of my uni course.  It was busy and so tiring!  The past month has been full of good things but I didn't get around to blogging them with everything else that was happening.  There are a couple of things worth a special mention...
On October 20th Possum lost her first tooth.  She was so excited about this but I felt a little sad that we are at this stage already, she seems so small to have that toothy grin!

Then, to make matters worse yesterday she lost the one next to it.  The tooth fairy visited both times with a $2 coin and she is now waiting for the next lot to go so she can cash in.

Possum and Blue also played with their step cousin (who is so very cute!) when she came to watch Possum ride in the pony club Gymkhana, I am yet to blog the photos of that event; there are heaps!!

Now that my prac is over (and it was awesome) I am back into the swing of uni again for the summer semester.  The fun never stops around here!


  1. The dentist said Ella might lose a tooth soon. She only got her first tooth at 19 months, so I am not ready for her to lose one yet.

  2. Oh look at that cute gappy smile - we have one with a missing top tooth - and another that's wobbly - very strange!

  3. She certainly looks rather pleased with herself. What has she planned with this ner found fortune?


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