Thursday, August 9, 2012


Happy third birthday to our little boy, Blue.

How has that time crept up on me already?  Part of me is excited with each new milestone, and part of me is horrified that it is slipping away so quickly; these precious moments.

We have had so much fun watching you grow.  
You have delighted us with your easy smile and easy nature.

A Women's Weekly inspired cake which was very well received on the day!
We have loved you as a two year old, I think three will be even better!

You add 'super' to everything.  Super good.  Super silly.  Super yucky.
If you want me to throw you a ball you say 'catch it to me'.
You adore Thomas and Friends, and the Octonauts.
You love swimming, and the creek; anything water related!
You say 'now we've gots to do...' when you get excited about things.
You toilet trained yourself a couple of months ago.
You love carrot, but not capsicum, mushroom or spinach.

Kisses to you sweet heart. 


  1. awww too cute :) happy b'day little guy! cheers

  2. Happy Birthday Blue! I didn't realise our boys were so close in age!

  3. Happy birthday Blue,such a cutie Becky.

  4. Aww happy birthday Blue - he is such a cutie.

  5. Happy Birthday H. What adorable photos of him Becky.

  6. Awww, happy birthday to your little guy! Can't say I blame him for not liking spinach ;)


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