Friday, November 18, 2011

I say, I hear.

A concept borrowed from Karen, 'I say, I hear' is an excuse to record the funny things the children say.

Possum: 'If you only feed me what I like I won't have to not eat it'.  
Food for thought?

Blue: 'Elf-e-nants'.  
Elephants in case you wondered.

Blue as I get him dressed: 'Good boy Mum'.  
Thanks kid...

Possum: 'Mums should do what kids say because it is easier'.
Easier for whom?

Possum: 'I am going to be good until Christmas'
(lasted 5 minutes)

Possum on being told she can catch the bus home next year:
'Because bus drivers know how to get to all the countries'.
Student exchange already?

Possum on reading a book that mentioned God:
'God is one of our Church people isn't he?'

Possum after colouring in a stop sign:
'Is that an eight-a-gon?'


  1. Oh my, they are delightful those two of yours:) Amelia is looking forward to walking to school next year. Yet to break it to her that it is 8 houses away:)

  2. hahaha, the God one reminded me of Ella-Beth telling me about learning about "Baby Cheezus" in her "Relzzion" lessons


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